LAMP is basically a combination of free open source platforms used for creating a high performance web application which is supported by almost every web browser. The LAMP stack includes:

  • Linux – An open source operating system
  • Apache – A web server compatible with variety of operating systems such as   Windows, Linux, Unix, MAC OS etc
  • MySQL – The most popular open source Relational Database Management System
  • PHP – An open source scripting language used to create advanced web based applications

Easy configuration, fast deployment, simple coding and affordable hosting has made LAMP an extremely sought after platform in the software world. Since

LAMP is used to manage heavily coded websites and intricate e-commerce solutions; it requires skills of experienced LAMP developers who can work on a high level of precision.

This programming obliges abnormal amounts of accuracy, which can be offered by our devoted LAMP developers here at our organization

Our Areas of Expertise

  • We offer LAMP development services for the following:
  • E-commerce websites
  • Online ticket booking and reservation systems
  • Testing/QA services
  • Community portals
  • Magento shopping cart
  • CRM applications
  • LAMP application porting and migration
  • B2B and B2C web based solutions
  • Third-party integration services
  • RIA development
  • Custom PHP web application development