When it comes to Web hosting, Linux is widely considered to be the best operating system for web servers. Characteristically reliable, stable and efficient, Linux is proven in the most demanding environments of web and mail servers.

The Linux platform is well known for security and stability. Linux also supports many free, open source applications. Linux is ideal for web designers, developers or anyone who wants to use open-source programming languages such as PHP, Perl and MySQL. In addition, Linux allows users to easily password-protect directories and set permissions.

Many people buy web hosting without giving much thought to the technical details. If you have a low cost shared hosting plan, chances are it’s provisioned on servers running Linux. You benefit because:

  • It’s secure, assuming it’s kept updated, so you have fewer hacks to worry about
  • It keeps costs down for the host, which allows them to pass on savings to you
  • The way things work is pretty standard from host to host

Hosts like Linux because:                                                                                                              

  • It’s powerful
  • It scales well for most purposes
  • It’s usually free
  • It’s supported by a large user community
  • It can be used on old servers
  • It can be customized by the host