MVC is a design pattern. A Design pattern is a code structure that allows for common coding frameworks to be replicated quickly. You might think of a design pattern as a skeleton or framework on which your application will be built.

MVC or Model-View-Controller is a software architecture, or design pattern, that is used in software engineering, whose fundamental principle is based on the idea that the logic of an application should be separated from its presentation. Put simply, I would say that MVC is simply a better way of separating the logic of your application from the display.


Our MVC Framework based website development services at Silicon Valley include:

  • CodeIgniter
  • Yii
  • PHP Zend
  • CakePHP
  • Symfony
  • PHP Smarty

This confidence helps us to operate in multiple MVC Frameworks, designing and developing unique applications ensuring profitability to your business.

Benefits of PHP MVC framework development are listed below:

  • Separate component for user interface
  • Synchronized views
  • Supports interactive WEB 2.0 website development
  • User interface that is interchangeable
  • User interface components
  • Various multiple views of the model is also available
  • Easy to change interfaces